What is car Insurance?

Insurance offers much-needed financial protection in case of a crisis. When vehicle insurance is mandatory in India, you can’t afford to lose it. Car insurance provides the same protection against the expenses arising out of accidental damages, theft or other related perils. Hence, keeping the policy active and handy is important. But what if you’re unable to keep it safe or loss it.

Well, losing important documents such as your car insurance document can be daunting. In such state of affairs, the first thing that comes to your mind is the penalties. But are you aware that you can replace your lost policy? All you need to do is to approach the right way!

Let’s assume you own HDFC ERGO car insurance, a duplicate copy of which is required now. However, the process is not the same as HDFC insurance policy download, which can be initiated by you as well. In order to avail a duplicate copy:

  1. Immediately Inform the Insurer:Let your insurer know that the policy is lost without a delay. You can contact their toll-free number and inform about the same. It is important to explain about the incident as soon as possible and apply for the duplicate copy. It is because you can’t drive your vehicle without valid insurance, which will lead to a huge penalty on road.
  2. Usually, people think that NCB will be invalidated if a claim is made in the previous year. However, two-wheeler insurance companies reduce the percentage of no claim bonus at the time of renewal. It varies from one insurance provider to another, as there is no particular formula to calculate this decline in the premium.
  3. Even after you have filed a claim due to an accident or an unprecedented event, your no-claim bonus is maintained. Therefore, it is suggested that you check the same with your 2-wheeler insurance provider.

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