Wake up


It feels bad to see people working so hard without knowing what they actually are working for. According to their minds which were sabotaged by thoughts filled in deliberately by some other institutionalized people, to whom success to means working from their 9 to 5. The whole trouble starts when the people are in their learning years. The schooling days right, or should I use the word brainwashing instead? Anyways the people at school which are rightfully responsible to open our minds and bring our creativity out are the ones responsible to limit us. They feed us with the idea that without doing well in our academics we won’t be anywhere.  Knowledge doesn’t harm anyone, completely agreed but being financially free doesn’t entirely depend on the schooling.  Most people are not concerned about being financially independent in their lives, they are just going with the flow but dead bead bodies do the same, aye? Is this numerical solving going to feed you food or going to pay your bills? We all know the answer, it isn’t. So why are we so obsessed in completing our study and getting a job which will only make us crush our dreams and live the life we never dreamt or we never wanted.  It’s because it’s too late to realize that we are institutionalized. We kind of accept the fact that we are not going make our future like we desired of and feel like fitting in. I am talking about the people that work hard but in the wrong way.  We are working for the system. The educational system is completely a failure and leaves with you nothing but debt.  The thing that hurts the most is that no one is doing anything about it. What if you wanted to be a singer and instead of doing your schooling you wanted to devote the time in getting that right voice. Guess what, you can’t do that, because you want be allowed to, because your parents too believe that only studying will get you the life they never lived. That’s not the case every time, right? You’ll eventually yourself get to change your mind because of the lack of support and be a sincere follower of the institutionalized system. Sometimes we are allowed to take that minor risk; if success is not acquired there we are again sitting in that office hating ourselves.  You know that by following our parents we’d end up just like them because a following a path takes you to certain place followed by anyone else would lead to the same certain place.  We need to understand the concept of being financially free to be free from the never ending pain that we are prone to be a witness of when we complete the fake doings that were supposed to get us the desired life that we once dreamt of.  In order to do so we must wider our minds and accept and let things enter our mind.  Most of the people are like corpses nowadays they wake up and get to work, which they don’t even like. They are doing the things they hate. That’s not called living that’s called surviving from paycheck to paycheck. The system is meant to slow us down and limit us on whatever we ever dreamt or desired in our life. What we do to oppose it? Nothing; we slowly accept the fact and become the loyal followers of the system of which we revolted against once. We all think that we are going to be big faces in the future, but is that  what we become? Probably not, because it takes a lot of risk in order to achieve that but all we do is stop ourselves and put that in the ‘impossible’ agenda. When we do that we are just stopping ourselves, making us more vulnerable to the system to gain control of us.  We act like we have got no time and the extra things to get that success is not possible. Well, is that case? Just take a moment and ask yourself? Do you even like what you are doing? If it is a no, hustle up and change things and make the  world a place worth living for yourself. This happened to me when I had an epiphany that things were going wrong and it was not late when I realized that it need an upgrade.


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